Monday, 7 February 2011

An Introduction to Rugby

Sports seldom come high on the agenda when planning a weekend, particularly when it involves activities other than tennis or football. However, the rugby Six Nations began this weekend just past and it was on Friday that I enjoyed my first-ever televised rugby game. That is not to say I have never darted through a room or stumbled about a bar that might have been screening a game in the past, but I have never made a conscious effort to sit down and watch it. It seems, from my experience this weekend, that I may very well have been missing out on something special.

As violent as it was delightful, the opening game between Wales and England was a tremendously entertaining battle that saw two devastatingly talented teams ruck it out over the course of eighty minutes. My sisters, who are both avid Rugby Union fans, leant a hand in providing an outline of the rules as the players darted back and forth across the field in a brutal ballet that was quite possibly one of the most exhilarating sporting events I have ever seen.

It will not be as easy to catch the rest of the games in Poland unless I manage to find a sports bar over the course of the next couple of weeks, but the chance of them screening rugby over football in Wroclaw is pretty slim. Regardless, I shall be on the prowl in an attempt to pursue my new favourite sport and encourage others to do likewise.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


The journey back to Wroclaw from London today was astonishingly peaceful. This is entirely due the carelessness of the the stewards, who were unable to notice that I did not take my headphones out from the moment I boarded the plane. On the outbound flight to Stansted I was driven quite insane by the continuous stream of adverts that bombard every passenger from the overhead speakers - I have never seen anybody buy scratch cards or smoke free cigarettes on board but the stewards still insists on pushing them. I can therefore understand their looks of discontent as they plod back and forth up the isles, peddling absolute rubbish.

My return trip therefore provided me with ample opportunity to indulge in James Blake (whose debut album is supposed to come out this month) and 'oOoOO'. Though I am still unsure how I should go about pronouncing the name of the later act, their first E.P. was released last year and is well worth the £5 it cost to get hold of it on iTunes... music vouchers were very much the theme of my birthday gifts this year, allowing me to spend far too much time musing over new melodies.