Saturday, 20 February 2010

Cambridge 2010

I am currently in England where I am working on the final TLEVP film in Cambridge. As you may have seen in my 'News' section, the theme of the film is Homestay.

It has been an interesting project to work on for several reasons, the first of which being that I the majority of interviews I am conducting are shot in the houses of the interviewees. This makes sense when taking into account the subject of the film, but it is certainly not the easiest thing to do; particularly when the interviewees have an appointment at the local hospital in order to see their newborn grandchild for the first time. However, I have met some real characters so far and I am confident that the film will be a success. The other intriguing factor with this particular film is that I am familiar with my surroundings. I can not compare the Cambridge experience to Shanghai, New York, Casablanca, Sao Paulo etc. as I am capturing footage of an environment without the tourist goggles. I know what needs to be filmed, but at the same time I am trying to imagine what the audience may wish to see and how they wish to see it in a completely different way. I am enjoying myself.

I shall return to Poland later on next week and continue editing both China and Brazil. China is literally on the cusp of release and I am ever so excited about it!

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