Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Wroclaw, Poland.

I spent my Christmas and New Years Eve in Shanghai. I have several projects in China at the moment and I needed to return to Asia for the third time in 2009, primarily to develop research in a paper I am writing on the subject of Confucius. As well as working on The Learning English Video Project and planning a future film to be shot in Cambridge, I have been living a double-life as a student by day; attending lectures and seminars on all things embracing Political Science. My M.A. is in International Relations, a subject I find both fascinating and inspiring. Since October last year, I have been taking classes in Economics, Human Rights Protection, International Relations Theories, Environmental Protection as well as region specific modules and additional courses in Polish and Mandarin Chinese. The first semester is coming to a close and so my time is occupied with exam preparation and essay writing. Even though this utterly rules out the option of a bustling social life, I simply can not put enough emphasis on the joys and benefits education can bring. I am starting 2010 as I wish to end it; in the grips of an exasperating educational exchange. 

The Learning English Video Project is far from complete. The EnglishClub team have been adding resources to the films that are already available to watch and I am working hard on edits for the next two releases. 'Insights from China' should be online in the coming weeks but there is still no word on an official release date.

I am not one for new years resolutions as such, but I do feel as though I did not read enough in 2009. I am going to make full use of my library card in 2010 and make sure that I leave some time aside for reading things outside of the 'scientific literature' bracket. 

With that said and done however, I need to get through a few more chapters of perhaps one of the most peculiar books I have ever encountered; the first volume of a series on ancient Chinese philosophy. The book was written in English by a pair of Chinese scholars and the style of writing baffles me...

Happy New Year!


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